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Working in company where you can get a lot of experiences and promising future careers is the dream of every people in this world. Choosing UNILEVER career learnership is one of the option that you can do to pursue this dream Unilever is a company that produce various products for daily life. More than 2.5 billion of people use the products to look good, feel good, and fulfill their daily needs with quality. This company provides great products, with over 400 brands to help you in your daily life. The amount of brands give the company a particular place in people lives around the world. When customers are looking for household care, luxurious shampoo, affordable anti-bacterial soaps, delicious ice cream, or foods with great nutrition balance, there is a high chance that those products are from Unilever. Seventy percent household in the world use one product from Unilever to the least. Some of the popular household products by Unilever include Omo, Hellmann’s, Axe, Dove, Knorr, and Lipton. There are also some local brands to fulfill particular needs of customers in their respective market, such as Suave, Pureit, and Blue Band. Regardless of the brand, the company is working to make sure the products play a big part in fulfilling their goals to create a sustainable living common for people.

The Unilever want their business to keep on growing, but they do recognize that growth in the price of environment or the people is both commercially unsustainable and unacceptable. The only approvable model of the company’s business is sustainable growth. The main business model of this company is called Unilever Sustainable Living Plan. This plan sets out the way the company is growing their business, while increasing their positive impact on social live and reducing their environmental footprint. The 3 big goals of this plan are listed below:

  • Sourcing 100 percent of the company’s raw material in agriculture sustainably and improve the people’s livelihoods across the company’s value chain.
  • Halving the company’s environmental footprint.
  • Helping over one billion human to enhance their wellbeing and health.

The company understand that their products should be sustainable not only at the factories, but also at each stage in the products’ life-cycle. Thus, working with other parties is important, including other businesses, NGOs, governments, consumers, and suppliers. These partnerships are significant to help creating the big changes needed to face the challenges emerging in this worlds.

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The company has a distinct goals and their operational expertise throughout their business model help realizing their vision in accelerating business growth, whilst increasing their positive impact in social sector and reducing their environmental footprint. By combining their multinational proficiency with their roots in highly diverse local wisdoms, the company is continuing to offer various products that suit consumers’ wealth. Unilever is also supporting their strong bonds in the potential market the company believes will be important for the world’s future growth. The company also leverage their worldwide reach and inspire everyone to take part in everyday, small actions to help creating differences to this world.

This company is promised to providing their consumers all over the world with products to sustain their life and supporting sustainability. Close-up and Signal, some of the brand of oral care encourage people, especially children to brush their teeth twice a day to get optimal health. Unilever also partner with FDI World Dental Federation to support oral health programs all over the world. Those are some information regarding Unilever that may be useful for those who plan to join the company for future careers.