The Benefit of SARS’s Internship Program

SARS provides you internship program. The internship program is a job training program that provides the participants to have work experience that related to their field of study that is being taken in order to complete their school qualifications like Diploma.

In the internship program provided by SARS, participants will be given 12 to 18 months of job contract and they will receive a monthly salary. It is important to remember that the matters which relating to the compulsory internship to fulfill the work experience at Higher Education Institution in order to be awarded the qualification. If the participants have completed their internship program, the interns who meet the requirements which given by SARS and the participants can apply to work on jobs that have been provided to be placed as a permanent employee.

The internship program at SARS Internship Program is intended for final year students who have completed several courses at Higher Education Institutions (HEls), the Further Education and Training (FET) School and it is open to those who have passed the program but do not have a job and want to have a career at SARS.

Please click on “join us” page if you want to apply for a career in the position you want in SARS Internship Program. After that you can click on the position you want to be further processed. Internship positions will be advertised each year and applicants may submit their applications if the positions that they want are available on the SARS’s website.

For those of you who want to apply for a job on its Graduate Programme jobs and if you have any more questions regarding SARS Pipeline Development Programme, you can contact them If you want more information on SARS Internship Program, you can check on the link below.

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