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Find a job for fresh graduated is like to find their new passion to choose what kind of job that they like most. However, not everyone can get the job as what they like, sometimes, they just apply to all the companies which are hiring fresh graduates without considering more whether they like the job or not, as long as they get a job to get money, it’s fine. Well, if you really want to get a job that you like so much, so it can be better if you consider more to apply what kind of job that you like most. If you are, let’s saying you are from machinery school and you want to apply a job, you can think whether you like the machinery or not.

If you still want to get a job which is related with machine, you can apply to any kind of machine companies that you think you get interested to work there. While you get interesting in something, in this case is finding a job, you will get more excited and will prepare anything perfectly to show that you really want to work there. You should find out the companies which are hiring the job seeker with the qualification that you have most. Why? It is to make them to consider more about you if you have the most qualification that they require. You should find on the job vacancy, and see what kind of qualification that they need for the certain position that they need. Do not forget to attach every qualification and skill that you have in your resume to make them can take more consideration on your resume.

There are many machinery companies that you can choose. However, if you want to choose an international machinery companies, you can find the one that you are qualified enough to work there. If you choose the international machinery company, it means you should prepare to master the second language, the language that this company uses daily. Why? It will make them to consider more about you because you have plus qualification even if in the job vacancy list didn’t ask about how many languages that you have mastered of. While searching the international machinery company, you have to ensure that this company is trusted. Have you heard about Sandvik learnership career? If you haven’t heard about it, it is a company which produces machine for any kind of manufacturer or industrial scale. It is one of international machinery companies that you can try to apply your resume.

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The Sandvik company was the first company in the world to get success in using a Bessemer method which is for steel production on the industrial scale. At the beginning, the operation of this company was focused on delivering high quality product, added value on their product, invested their money in R&D, keeps in touch with their customers and also exports their product to across country. Their strategy is unchanged through the years. Nowadays, they concern to produce tools and also tooling systems for the industrial metal cutting. They produce a machine that can cut out the metal. Then, they serve service and technical solutions for construction and mining industries. They don’t just produce machine, but they also serve their services for the technical solutions if they customer has problems with their machine.  This company also produces the advanced stainless steels and alloys for industrial heating.Thus, if you like this kind of machine companies, you can consider more to get in there by applying your best resume.