Pharmacist Assistant Learnership Opportunity Dis-Chem Pharmacies

In case you are aspiring applicants who yearn to learn more about things that are related to pharmaceutical industry, spare some time to know more about pharmacist assistant learnership by Dis-Chem. Having this learnership, you have privilege to know thoroughly about major areas of the industry. The requirements, so then, you can successfully win the position that is offered, include; (1) Matric or grade 12 with minimum average 50% for physical science/life science and math, (2) excellent time management, (3) effective team player, (4) agree to work together with South African Pharmacy Council Scope of Practice, (5) English skill that covers speaking, reading, and writing.

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Another, (6) customer centric, (7) you are able to work within retail hours, and (7) strong skill in communication. Even though the aforesaid requirements are essential to access your chance for pharmacist assistance learnership, you widen your chance if you hold FMCG experience or something like retail relevant. Apply online for the learnership if you have think you can afford the requirements before the deadline in April 20th 2016. During the learnership, you will undergo duties and responsibilities, here are some of them to familiarize yourself with the things you should do, in the case that your application is successful.

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Your duties and responsibilities during pharmacist assistant learnership are; keep up profiles of customers within the system, capability to decipher the script and display professional attitude, revise script error that is rejected, assure the authorization of certain serious illness like AIDS, HIV and oncology medication, execute any paperwork that is pivotal to claim medical aid, involve in helping patient and provide guidance for patients if it is necessary, and many others. When you are successfully complete the learnership, it is not so daunting for you to step into dispensary department if that is the career path that you prefer.