Opportunity To Participate Alan Gray Internship Program For 2017

Alan Gray internship opportunity seeks for qualified graduates to fill these following positions; (1) trainee portfolio administrator, (2) junior software tester, (3) junior software developer,(4) trainee business analyst for information systems, distribution, product development, institutional client services, and investment team, (5) operations consultant, and (6) client service consultant. Do you want to be a part of it? Interested potential applicants are allowed to apply if they have sound academic result in statistics, sciences, medicines, mathematics, information systems, humanities, engineering, commerce, business sciences, and actuarial sciences.

Available Internships

Let it alone, you who expect to join Alan Gray internship opportunity for 2017 should be final year students that in their way to complete their study in Bachelor’s degree within the field of studies that are previously mentioned. Nevertheless the official will recruit its intern through interview process by asking potential applicant about their motivation and some other screening questions they should answer, the link for both will be available on the official website. Upload your answer in pdf form and in separate documents. Based on your answers and qualifications that you have, Alan Gray will decide, first, whether you deserve or not for the position, and second, what kind of position that suits you well.

Apply Online for the Alan Gray: Graduate / Internship Programme 2017

Another interview will be conducted in different locations, they are; Port Elizabeth, Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. In addition while submitting the application for Alan Gray internship, ensure you tag along requested documents that include, matric certificate, motivational letter, curriculum vitae, and complete academic transcript. Apply online the internship before June 30th 2016. It is important as well for you to know that, the internship program will be started in January 2nd 2017, too, the internship program will be situated in Alan Gray’s Head Office (Cape Town). For that reason, be certain that you are have no problem to attend and to undergo your duties and responsibilities.