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Everyone has its own life goals that they try to achieve through their job. It also means that if you work in a place, it tells everything about your life goal. If you are someone who prefers to work for humanity or we can say it as volunteer, then you should find that kind of job. There are many kinds of social jobs that you can take start from being a teacher in some low socio economy, or joining youth agency or something like that. The only matter is what kind of social job that you want to take.  If you want to join the youth agency, so you can try to consider in joining NYDA, stand for National Youth Development Agency. As the name of its agency, it works for developing the youth around the city, especially in this case is South Africa which still has not the equal life for the youth out there and also by the support from the parliament, so that is why this agency is formed. This agency was formed to be a unitary structure, single, and address the youth issues of development at Local, Province and National government level.

This agency is located among South Africa, which has larger youth population than adult with the age between 14 until 35 represent of 42% from the total of population. The problems that the youth face in their nation are about their socio economic challenges such as inequality, poverty, poor health and also joblessness. The challenge gravity in South Africa must be solved with, require efforts of multi pronged that will promote the sustainable livelihoods development simultaneously, reduce inequality, poverty and also priorities the policies development that can create to allow environment for the youth development. This agency plays the role in making sure that all of major stakeholders such as private sector, government and also civil society, contributes and priorities the youth development in implementing and identifying solutions to youth development challenges.

This agency has three programs consist of as follows. First, in the individual level, this NYDA provides direct services to the youth individually by giving them the mentorship, career guidance services, health awareness program, information of provision, sport, skills development and training, also entrepreneurial development.  Second, in the community level, which encourage young people to be aware to their community by taught them how to develop activities in community, social cohesion activities, and also the service program and dialogues for national youth. Third, in the provincial and national level, this agency gives the facilities for the youth participation in developing policy inputs to increase their socio economic through its partnership, policy development and also research program.

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The main job of this agency can be summarized as three. First, this agency should advocate and lobby for the mainstreaming and integration for the youth development in all level of civil society, private sector, as well as government. Two, this agency should implement, initiate, coordinate and also facilitate the youth development program. The last one, they should evaluate and monitor the youth development interventions across the youth for an active participation on the civil society environment. It is all a slight profile company of NYDA Career that probably you get interested to join them to work there in achieving and improving their socio economic. If you get interested to apply for this company you can submit your CV and your resume to this company and let them consider you whether you are accepted to be their part or not.