NECSA Welding Learnership Proggramme to Apply

Another learnership opportunity to apply is offered by NECSA a recognized organization which focused is on technical skill and professional enhancements. It is a NECSA welding learnership which purposes to assist its suitable learners to be a skilled artisan in the world of welding. In the way to accomplish that mission, you need first to finalize its apprenticeship programme. Applying for a welding learnership by NECSA, take your time to understand its requirement. When it comes to this, ensure that you have; Engineering Certificate (full N2) with its pertinent theory for trade, able to work in group, familiar with technical knowledge, and many others.

Engineering Learnerships

Finish with the least qualification for NECSA welding learnership programme, ensure that you know some other things you better know. Speak for it, self assure that you tag along your CV with certified copy of your ID. You must be able to be located in Section 18.2 during a three year contract. If you are accepted as a potential learners of this learnership opportunity, it means you will undergo the formal training at registered Training Center which position is on NSD. Bear in mind that this learnership programme promotes employment equity candidates which implies that this programme is opened for anyone which meets its minimum criteria.

Another pivotal thing, you must be a SA citizen if you expect to apply for NECSA welding learnership opportunity. The next thing you need to do after you complete all of the necessary document for welding learnership opportunity, send your application through email at Or else you also can submit the application through fax by dialing 012 305 3546. For this case, it essential for you to submit your application before it meets its closing date on December 4th 2015. If you fail to send it on time, then your application will be not approved.