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For those who love adventures and want to work on extraordinary places without losing the opportunities to built a career, choosing MQA learnership career can be the correct place to start. Mining Qualifications Authority of MQA is a body of statutory responsible for sustaining and supporting transformation in minerals and mining sector with the skills development facilitation. The organization also supports encouragement for communities that are previously disadvantaged, increased women participation in mining, and redressing imbalances caused by previous dispensation. MQA is also concentrated on the enhancement of safety and health in the sector. This organization has taken a remarkably active role in developing awareness and programs to achieve higher standards for safety in the minerals and mining sector. The main functions of MQA are listed below:

  • Paying grants from skill development charge.
  • Maintaining learning provision, qualification, and standards’ quality
  • Promoting, administering, registering, and establishing learning programs
  • Developing qualifications and unit standards
  • Implementing and developing skills plan.

The minerals and mining sector consists of nine main sub-sectors, including mining services incidental, extraction of gases and petroleum, jewelry manufacturing, coal, diamonds, PGM, gold, aggregates, lime, cement, and other mining, for example vanadium. This sector contributed to over 15% of gross domestic product in South Africa. It accounts for approximately 25% of the country’s employment and become the largest industry in South Africa. Recently, concerns about future viability of its economic aspect has been emerging. The industry also get impacts from worldwide economic crisis, just like other industries in the worlds. As the industry plays a substantial role in South Africa’s economy, the government carefully put measures to ensure its stability and predict future impacts. The operation of this industry are commonly located in a secluded area and very large in size. The companies specialized in minerals and mining processing usually create partnerships with local government to improve substantial infrastructure in mining area. Usually, mining operations employ a lot of people that need infrastructure for social welfare, healthcare, and housing to grow communities. As a side-product, entrepreneurs begin businesses that are not related directly to the operations, to provide additional employment chances and serve these communities.

The minerals and mining sector offers a huge variety of career chances for people with clerical and administrative, machine operating, trade workers and technician, professional, and managerial positions. With all these opportunities, learners are not obliged to pursue technical careers only, but can search for careers behind the desk such as human resources and accounting that suit their competence better. For many decades, this sector are mostly male dominated. Women were prohibited to be employed in underground operation by law in South Africa until around 1990s. However, now, women can be employed at every levels, including managerial and professional positions. Every year, the number of woman having mines has been more apparent. This condition highlights the successful program of women empowerment. Nevertheless, women still need to understand the hard physical nature possess by the industry.

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Working in the sector is a very risky activity. The working environment in the sector depends on the occupation. Clerical and administrative workers, technicians, scientists, and management executives, all work inside laboratories and office building. Managers and engineers mostly shared their time between mines and offices. As for geologists, the may need to travel for a long period to secluded locations in every kinds of terrain. The paragraphs above already describe some information about MQA and their field of work. This information may be important for everyone who are planning to apply to the company.