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Finding for a job is not an easy matter for a lot of people. Despite the high amount of jobs offered worldwide, not all jobs offer a promising career. if you are interested in working at company with promising careers, choosing MONDI learnership career can be a good choice. Mondi is a worldwide paper and packaging group, employing more than 25,400 workforces around more than thirty country in the world. This company wish to delight everyone with their sustainable and innovative paper and packaging solutions. The amount of products offered by this company is unimaginable and it is able to customize those products into more than 100,000 different solutions for customer to embrace the needs of millions of people each day. Working in this company is rewarding and exciting. The success story of this company will never be exist without the combined dedication and expertise of their people. This fast-paced company offer a caring and friendly culture where opportunities and careers can flourish each day.

From producing compound plastics, pulp, and paper, and managing forests, to developing innovative and effective consumer and industrial packaging, this company has been a reliable partner for leading brands in the world thanks to its innovative products and technologies, and the various applications, such as office paper, clever boxes for retail, extra-strong bags for cement, stand-up pouches, and components for personal care. The key customers of Mondi are the industries listed below:

  • Transport and shipping
  • eCommerce and retail
  • Pet care: well-known brands partner with this company to produce their packaging for wet and dry pet food, treats, snacks, and many other products for pet care.
  • Paper converting and packaging: the company supplies laminating films, siliconized and extrusion-coated materials, and paper grades used in the production of packaging.
  • Professional printing and office: the company produces uncoated paper for graphic and professional printing industries and for offices.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical: the company supplies solutions for self-adhesive applications, pharmaceutical powders, medical apparatus, gowns, drapes, and devices.
  • Personal and home care: the company offer flexible and corrugated packaging solutions, cosmetics and hair care, portion lids and packs coated with extrusion for detergents, and cleaning products.
  • Beverages and foods: the company provides packaging solutions for dairy and cheese products, bakery ingredients and products, ice cream, frozen food, fresh vegetables and fruit, chilled and fresh fruit, dried and dehydrated food, confectionary, nuts and snacks, and crisps.
  • Construction and building: the company provides the construction and building industry packaging for premixes, cement, and aggregates.
  • Chemical: the company provides packaging with certified constructions and trustworthy closure techniques for sensitive and hazardous chemicals.
  • Automotive: the company makes state-of-the-art solutions for packaging and multilayer films coated with extrusion for automotive industry.
  • Agriculture: the packaging solution offered by the company for seed and feed industry stand out thanks to their outstanding performance, regardless of the environments.

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The people and the culture in this company really matter. The company is inspired, guided, and connected by the values and culture they have. The people in the company are empowered, entrepreneurial, and dynamic, with an actual passion for great performance. The company likes to make sure things work properly by being responsible, respectful, and caring. The people act with transparency, encouraging honesty, and integrity in everything they do. The heart of the company’s safety culture is zero harm. The company is committed fully to ensuring their people come back home safely each day. The paragraphs above already mention some information about Mondi Company and their field of work. This information can be beneficial for everyone who are planning to join to the company.