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There are a lot of jobs offered around the world where job seekers can apply to start their career. For those who are interested in developing a career in technology development field, choosing MICROSOFT learnership career can be the great step to start. There are a lot of benefits offered if you work in Microsoft as it plays a significant role in the choice of a worker. The company keep on working to ensure their benefits are suitable for the shifting wants and needs of their people, and that is why the company offer a lot of industry-leading perks to their workers that rely on those. The main goal of this company is to encourage their employees with the flexibility, resources, and incentives that the employees need to achieve success on the career and to have a balanced, healthy life. If you are currently living in United States, the benefits offered by Microsoft in this area are listed below:

  • Wellness care and leading health: Flue shots and free health screenings on campus, health line available for 24 hour, house calls for physician, dental care, vision care, and hospitalization and medical.
  • Parental and maternity leave: parental leave for foster placements, adoptions, or births for twelve weeks; maternity leave for eight weeks; both are fully paid.
  • Investment and saving: worker stock buying plan, 401(k) plan.
  • Development and training: textbook reimbursement and tuition; professional development, management, and technical classes
  • Time off: ten paid days for US holidays, ten paid days for sick, fifteen paid days for vacation, and two days for personal time.
  • Extras: charging stations for electric cars, flexibility, discounts, social clubs, Microsoft Connector bus fleet and shuttle, on-campus kitchens and cafes, check out for sports equipment, on-campus sport fields and retail shops, fitness and gyms, and gift matching and volunteer.

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Working at Microsoft give you a wide range of chances. You can build proficiencies in a lot of areas or be the expert at certain areas. You can also be a manager or individual contributor. There are a lot of types of jobs in various places, you are able to settle in one country, city, or building, or even cross borders, wither virtually or in person. The professional development and career is a form of partnership between the manager and the employee, supported by various career resources. The company also believes, despite all the supports they give to you, your career is your adventure. You can create development plan for your career. Your manager will coaches and assist you, and the company will give a framework alongside the resources and tools you need to achieve success.

The philosophy of careers in this company is individual adventures. The company determine expected results and apply them consistently for every job families offered across the company. It makes it easier for everyone to understand, identify, and improve every jib family. In this company you do not need to become a manager to level up. Both management careers and individual contributors progress through higher levels; the company highly appreciate both. Every job has distinct requirements for its success, but there are a lot of rooms to grow and push boundaries. You are able to chart individual career path and shape personal experience with ongoing support from managers. You are allowed to pursue deeper in certain expertise areas or move throughout businesses or functions to experience various type of opportunities. Those are some information regarding benefits and perks offered by Microsoft that can be useful for everyone who are willing to join to the company.