Marketing Assistant Internship Opportunity At Afrizan For 2016

An opportunity is opened for the youth of South Africa who look for experience within financial service industry. It is a marketing assistant internship program at Afrizan for those talented unemployed graduates. Within the internship program, potential applicants will have chance to know nook and cranny about anything that is necessary to be a apart of the industry. That is why, if this is your dream, ensure to apply for the internship. So then, once you finish the internship, you are equipped with thorough knowledge to achieve your future career. In addition, it requires you no experience to join the training program, though some requirements may apply.

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Looking forward for the requirements? In fact, you are just about to find out. Consider to apply for Afizan marketing assistant internship, here are things you need to know; (1) you have to finish any degree that is relevant with the internship that is designed by Afrizan, (2) strong communication skill and capability to speak English flawlessly, (3) you have huge passion in financial service industry, (4) customer oriented or a capability to put your customer as priority, and (5) you are a full time unemployed graduates that capable to start the employment anytime it is requested.

Those talented young generation of South Africa with the requirements above, if you are interested in 2016 marketing assistant internship, be sure to apply by submitting both your academic transcript and recent curriculum vitae to the official email address at, none later than the deadline of the internship that is situated in Cape Town, which is on June 30th 2016. Not to mention, but in case there is something you want to ask related to the internship opportunity at Afrizan, you can directly send your question through Athena Moodaley by dialing 021 418 1787 within work hours. In addition, you will get stipend between R5200 to R5500.