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If you are currently seeking for a job in metal production fields, then choosing LONMIN learnership career can be the best choice for you. This company is the main producer for PGMs or Platinum Group Metals. This type of metal are fundamental for a lot of industrial applications, such as the extensive use in investment and jewelry and for catalytic converters of internal combustion for engine emissions. There are several other by-products produced by the PGM mining, such as Cobalt, Gold, Chrome, Copper, and Nickel. The main operations are located in South Africa, at Bushveld Igenous Complex to be exact. South Africa is the country that hosts almost 80% of world’s PGM resources. The company has been given a New Order Mining license by South African government. The company promise a sustainable and environmentally responsible practice of their business.

To realize the value of the mineral reserves and infrastructure, human resource is considered the most crucial relationship. The company can only reach their strategic purposes by retaining, attracting, and developing the important skills needed to maintain operational excellence. This company also has concentrated projects, including EVP or Employee Value Proposition, which aims to build trust and enhance relationship between workers in Lonmin. The project includes a wide set of initiatives and program that summarize the maximum package a full-employed worker may expect to gain from this company in matter if advancement opportunities, development, benefits, and remuneration. One among the main EVP initiative of this company (The Way We Work at Lonmin) is a change journey led by a leader, which aims to institutionalize and develop a company culture, which supports maintained success, by accomplishing productive mindsets and behavior that are constructed around the relationships of work-team.

The company provides various benefits and competitive packages of rewards to retain and attract best workers. The benefits do not finish there, the best part of working with this company is the chance offered by the company to their people to contribute, grow, and learn. After you join the company, you are qualified for a benefit and reward package. This package is quite competitive compared to local market of employment, you can become a member of a tram that encourage for novel thinking and support the progress of yours. You can also be a help for everyone around you to discover their abilities and talents. The benefits included in this package are 35 yearly leave days every year, healthcare on site, 4 months maternity leave being paid, disability and life insurance (including retirement provisions and protection plan for education), and study leave. The workers are also given access to various non-financial perks, including counselling for financial debt, worker wellness service for free, secret professional therapist and counsellors for workers and their families in term of financial, emotional, and physical distress.

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The employee development initiatives plan to improve the needed skills in the company’s workers to create productive and empowered employees, and to enhance the industry skills in order to improve the amount of local workers from greater community of Lonmin. These programs of community skills enhancement include program for engineering learnership, cadet’s production, and technical service for mining. The company believes that a lot of the learning process should takes place within the workplace. Workers are encouraged to follow the coaching program of structured workplace where coaching for individual is held to bridge gaps between individual competencies.

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