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Are you interested in financial and accounting field and want to work and have a promising career in the said field? If the answer is yes, then choosing LIBERTY learnership careers is the best solution for you. LBH or Liberty Holdings Limited is a company of property holding and financial services with headquarters located in South Africa, Johannesburg to be exact. It was first founded in 1957 by Sir Donald Gordon, a philanthropist and entrepreneur in South African. The current Group Chief Executive is David Munro that was appointed in early 2017. The company has Assets Under Management up to 688 billion ZAR or 53 billion USD by June 30th, 2017. The expansion of this company occurred after the initiation of new retirement annuities in 1960, the management and development of main high-end office complexes, shopping malls, and luxury hotels in 1975 marked by Sandton City zone in Johannesburg, the universal products for life in 1983, fully underwritten insurance for medical in 1991, and delivery products for investment in 2012.

The predecessor of the company became the first assurer that was able to enter JSE or Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1962. In 1980s, the founder of the company establish property development and management ventures and long-term insurance in United Kingdom. At the time, Liberty Life was the dominant shareholder of Standard Bank in South Africa. Sir Donald Gordon said in 1998 that for more than 2 decades, the development of annual dividend of Liberty Life had never fallen under 20% in every year. The average dividend is 22.7%, which meant the increase during the period is higher than previous 30 years’ time frame with only 22.1%. The results implied the increase of the dividend from 1.4 cents in 1969 to 462 cents in 1998. The founder believed no other listed company in western world was able to achieve such the consistency shown by Liberty Life.

In 1999, two entities listed in London Stock Exchange and five entities listed in JSE involved the conglomerate that the company belonged to and was removed during the corporate unbundling process due to the retirement of the founder. In 2000, the company sold 40.8% of its equity stake to Guardian National, a short-term insurer in South Africa. In 2005, the company got 100% of issued share capital from Capital Alliance Holdings, with the purchase price around 3.047 billion ZAR. The obtained company was delisted from JSE.

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The Liberty Holdings have approximately 5000 employees in total. With this amount of employees, you will surely got a lot of benefits and experience by sharing with your seniors and juniors at workplace. Despite settling in South Africa, the company has international reach, allowing its people to experience working in international environment that full of challenges and unexpected events. The company has the thirst to keep on improving their knowledge, which is represented by a team of awesome and hardworking people that give their clients the advice and tools needed to obtain successful life. The reason of why this company was established is to pioneer novel alternatives and guide people to financial freedom. The purpose of this company is to create a different in their client’s life. The company has the impact to change the realities of their clients. The vision of this company is to become the reliable leader in investment and insurance in South Africa and other chosen markets.

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