Chemical Operations Learnership

Get yourself learnership experience, it assists you to kick start your career opportunity. Chemical operations learnership program is perfect for applicants with huge interest toward chemical operations and want to know further how to utilize their knowledge related to chemical operations into a real work experience. Aside from you have to meet the requirements of the learnership program, the said learnership program is only designed for youth of South Africans who reside under Vaal triangle territory. To apply for the learnership program, its applicants should have grade 12 qualification together with science and maths (excluding maths lit) for chemical operations.

Another requirements to meet, therefore you can attend chemical operations learnership, they are; (1) you are 18 years oldĀ  or above, (2) physically fit and it is proved medically, (3) excellent interpersonal and communication skills, (4) able to work in accurate manner, (5) positive self-esteem and self-motivated, (6) attention to detail, and more. Upon to the completion of the learnership program, its successful applicants will gain National Certificate (NQF 2) in Chemical Operations. In order to complete the learnership program, successful applicants have to spend 12 months have to demonstrate excellent performance. You have all the requirements which are necessary for the learnership program, ensure to apply the learnership online. You can find here:

In addition the chance for applying Omnia chemical operations learnership will be soon. Keep in mind that for whatever the reasons, late application will lead to unsuccessfulness of the learnership applications. Now, if you wonder about what to do during the learnership program, you know after you sign the learnership contract, you have rights and responsibilities to complete the learnership program with perfect attendance for both training course and practical training. In addition, the learnership program has prescribed training schedule that should be obliged by each successful learner of the learnership program.