CETA Learnerships Careers: Skills Development and Training

There are a lot of fields available in the world where you can master and work. One of them is skill development and training field. This field is divided based on the particular focus of the training, from medical, finance, and even construction industry. If you want to work in this kind of field, especially in construction skills development and training, choosing CETA learnership career is the best choice for you. CETA or The Construction Education and Training Authority was first established after the declaration of 1998 Skills Development Act number 97 in 2000, April to be exact. The main objective of this authority is to affect the skills development and training course in construction industry by making sure that every training indicates the requirement and needs of the said industry. The construction sector is grouped into four main sub-sectors. Those sectors are listed below:

  • Civil and Roads construction
  • Materials Manufacturing
  • Built Environment Professions
  • Building Construction

CETA introduce skills learnerships and projects aimed at developing and improving human resources in South Africa, including construction employees that skills are valued and recognized by the NQF or National Qualification Framework. This authority is also approved as and ETQA (Education and Training Quality Assurance) body by SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority). ETQA statues authorized the organization to monitor and accredit both training providers and training. To support the training provision, the organization uses optional money as the disposal to sponsor projects that has the aim to achieve the quantitative and qualitative obligations according to NSDS (National Skills Development Strategy). The mission of this authority body is to make a solid proficiency base as the basis for economic empowerment and infrastructural development. The vision of this organization is to become the string pillar of proficiency for every nation building and construction. Some of the values held by this organization are professionalism, integrity, respect, and responsiveness.

The CETA is responsible to the main stakeholders that are the key to a success of this organization in delivering the mandate. To make sure that the responsibility happens, the organization will be discussing with the stakeholders to inform them on every initiative’s taken by CETA and to understand the expectations’ differences in stakeholders. Hence, the accomplishment of management function and partnership with stakeholders is charged to:

  • Address the expectations and needs of stakeholders
  • Ensure relationship building and relevant partnership
  • Set a platform for feedback between the authority and their external stakeholders
  • Create chances for constructive and proactive engagement between stakeholders and the CETA
  • Serve as the strategic external and internal communication link of CETA
  • Know and understand various stakeholders of CETA.

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There are three corporate service available in CETA where you can join as an employee based on your skills and competence. The first is PR and Communication. The organization recognized the significance of stakeholder liaison and effective communication with the constituencies within the sector. CETA, within its endeavor, is required to obtain provision from the sector to accelerate the training for skills in construction industry. This should be influence, inform, engage, and communicate continuously to the main stakeholders to support the organization achieving the mandate of affecting training in construction industry. The next is Human Resources Unit. This corporate service is responsible for recruiting employee with a faith of contributing in achieving all CETA’s strategic objectives, providing developmental interventions for employees, and implementing all policies created by Human Resources.

Those are some information about CETA that can be useful for everyone who plan to apply to the authority for future careers.