Aganang Local Municipality Finance Graduate Internship Programme

Here is some good information for you who is looking for some graduate/ internship programme for Finance. Yes, in this 2015, Aganang local municipality has a good programme for you who have interest in finance. If you can join the Aganang local municipality finance graduate/internship opportunity programme, you have to fulfil some requirements that needed. There are some requirements that needed to get this internship opportunity programme and the first requirement is you are the person who in National Diploma in Accounting or grade 12 plus BCom accounting degree. The other requirement is you have to be the person that has good ability in computing.

There are some key competencies that you should have if you want to get the Aganang local municipality finance graduate/internship opportunity 2015. You should know well about the budget preparation, the preparation of Annual Financial Statement, and financial reporting. You also should understand about income and expenditure management, knowing the Assets and liability management, and the last, you should know about supply chain management. Those are the key competencies that should you know about. You need to make sure that you already knew as well as you can about the competencies, so it will be easier for you to get this internship opportunity.

To apply this graduate/ internship opportunity programme, you have to use the official applications form of the Aganang local municipal. You can download the application form from the or you can get it in the Municipal Office. You also have to submit the copies of your ID and your curriculum vitae. You should send the application form to this address: The Municipal Manager, Aganang Local municipality, P.O Box 990, Juno, 0748 or you also can submit the application form by yourself to the Aganang Municipal Offices in Cnr Knobel and Gilead road. Submit the application form before 26 March 2015, if you really want to get this Aganang local municipality finance graduate programme.