This website will be giving rich information about learnership program for professionals who are looking for work-based training. As has been referenced earlier, learnerships involves a strict training program inside and outside job that apprentices should be followed once they enroll in it. Learnerships was designed specifically for professional careers, with the scheme of program targeting vocational jobs and trade. Our website specializes in providing you any information related to learnership. All the information here is dedicated for university students, though it also meant for school students and post-graduate adults as well. With these kinds of information, we are providing you an opportunity to apply for any learnerships. We invite those who interested in establishing career within some of the fields like art, engineering, electrical, automotive, information & technology, etc, to read any information available here in.

We have realized that practice means everything for professional as well as for students. Most of learnership program was focused mainly on practice. Apprentices will spend most of their time practicing crucial skills to be used later for sustaining their work or duty. Our website is designed as a central source of data that includes information about the companies that provide learnership, internship, scholarship and job opportunities, especially companies that have affiliations with certain universities. Internship experience in reputed companies will greatly help your career in the future. In addition, it also can be your references when applying for a job later. So, choose carefully all the information available in this website.

Some tips in choosing the company or organization where you will be an apprentice:

  1. Choose learnership programs in accordance with what you’ve learned while in college. Choose any program that matches your ability as well. If any program does not fit into, you might get trouble in adapting to it;
  2. Prepare a portfolio that contains a compilation of the work. It is used as an attachment and must be included in the application form of an apprenticeship program. Some companies ask for a portfolio, while the others are not. Portfolios are usually used as material to consider whether you are accepted or not. Therefore, it would be better if you prepare a portfolio before applying to an learnership program;
  3. Before sending your application, you should contact the provider of learnership programs. It aims to ascertain whether the company is providing learnership or not. By doing this way, you can also find out more information about the learnership. Make sure you have prepared all the necessary files.

All the information about learnership stored in here is given by individuals, who may or may not represent any organization in which learnership program is available. All information here is collected from different sources and distributed digitally. Our website is opened for students who intend to seek work experience and those who need information about learnership. Furthermore, we also intend to pave the way for professionals specialized in a particular field that might look for a chance to enhance individual skill and competency.