2015 Department of Higher Education Graduate Internship Programme

If you a South Africa citizen who are unemployed and who are around 18 to 35 years old, then you are allowed to join for these following graduate intership programmes that are given to you by Department of Higher Education and Training. Addition, if you become a successful graduate for department of higher education graduate intership programme, you will receive a monthly allowance about R5000. You may ask about kind of graduate internship programme you can follow, right? Here are some of them; first. It is for CFO, the graduate internship programme for this matter include Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Compliance, and Development Support/Public Entities.

To join to the above graduate intership program you should have National Diploma/Degree that is equivalent for those sub categories of department of higher education graduate intership programme. Second, it is HRDP, M&C- when it comes to it you can choose whether you want to join National Qualification Framework, Research Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Coordination, Information System Coordination, and the last one is Legal and Legislative Services for Education Institution. The requirement seems the same like National Diploma/Degree for relating graduate intership programme that you choose.

Third, it is University Education, for this you can choose whether you want to apply for Private Higher Institution or Education Qualification & Programme. Fourth, it is VCET which is included Financial Planning, National Exams and Assessment and so on. Fifth, the other intership programme you can choose for department of higher education graduate intership programme are Corporate Services and Skill Development- still the same if you want to apply for this graduate intership programme you must have related National Diploma/Degree. Then, you can send your application in Form Z83 together with the certified copy for your ID, education documents and your CV before January 16th 2015. If you have further question, feel free to contact Mr. M Rooi (012 312 5125) or Mr. KI Moloisi (012 312 5192).

Picture Source: www.dhet.gov.za